Whirlpool 1.7 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave in Stainless Steel with Electronic Touch Controls WMH31017HS


  • Provides right amount of heat and time with microwave presets
  • Features dishwasher-safe turntable plate for easy cleaning
  • Add 30 seconds to in-progress time with the push of button
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Pairing sleek style and convenience, this 1.7 cu. ft. Over the Range Stainless Steel Microwave helps you whip up tasty meals in a breeze. It boasts intuitive features, including a dishwasher-safe turntable to accommodate various dish sizes and preset options that deliver the perfect amount of time and heat. The electronic touch controls on this microwave are easy to use and clean. It also includes a special filter and high-efficiency motor that provides the perfect amount of ventilation and quickly removes odors from your kitchen. Its spacious design provides the perfect room to reheat snacks and sides.

  • Spacious 1.7 cu. ft. capacity provides the room you need for reheating
  • 1000-Watt of cooking power
  • 300 CFM motor class matches the right amount of ventilation to the dish being prepared and quickly gets rid of cooking odors with two different fan speed settings
  • Navigate through cooking modes and options with electronic touch controls that are as easy to use as they are to clean
  • Get just the right amount of heat and time, whether you’re cooking or defrosting, with specific microwave preset options
  • Quickly set the microwave timer to 30 seconds or add it to already in-progress cooking time with the touch of a button
  • Dishwasher-safe turntable plate so you can clean up spills on the turntable by simply putting it in the dishwasher
  • Keep an eye on what’s cooking below the microwave or keep a nightlight on in the kitchen with adjustable cooktop lighting