30 Inch Liquid Propane Gas Range in Stainless Steel.


THOR Kitchen offers the power and performance of a premium professional appliance at a practical price. The THOR Kitchen 30 Inch Liquid Propane Gas Range is a stainless-steel machine designed with professional features and functionality. With dual burners, continuous grates and a commercial convection fan, this range takes everything from prime rib to snickerdoodles to the next level.

  • High-Powered BTU Burners – The high-powered 18,000 BTU burner provides fast, intense heat for creating large family meals and restaurant-quality dishes.
  • Convection Fan – Commercial convection fan provides controlled heat distribution for fast and efficient cooking.
  • Sear Function – 10,000 BTU tube broil burner radiates heat evenly to sear your food and seal in the juices.
  • Large Oven Capacity – 4.55 cu. ft. oven capacity can accommodate multiple dishes for enhanced cooking.
  • Continuous Cast-Iron Grates – Heavy-duty continuous cast-iron cooking grates that can handle any size cookware.
  • Pro-style Knobs – Black ABS burner control knobs add style to the bold range design.
  • Storage Space – Storage drawer provides addiotnal storage space for cooking trays and other kitchen utensils.
  • Drip Pan – Black porcelain drip pan catches the mess and makes cleanup easy.
  • Porcelain Interior – The white and grey porcelain oven interior adds a stylish touch and is easy to clean.

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